Marvelous Morocco!

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Morocco is one of those travel destinations that will render you speechless (especially for photographers!), as you take in the vastness of the Sahara, absorb yourself in the aromas of the souks and drink your body weight in mint tea. Ride a camel deep into the desert, gaze at a million stars and imagine yourself a Bedouin, if only for a moment. With visually stunning architecture and gorgeous tile work, it’s a place sure to amaze you. The ancient market place chaotic yet beautiful and exciting. From Sand to Sea, Morocco is sure to leave you profoundly moved.

A haven for photographers and colorists like myself, discovering the ancient cities of Marrakech, Fez and Chefchaoeun “The Blue City” and getting to drive through the breathtaking Atlas Mountains and Sahara desert in between them is just a sampling of all this country has to offer. Learn about the traditional Berber people and their way of life or journey through the snow tipped Atlas mountains and capture the changing patterns of the dunes in the Sahara desert while riding camels to your tented camp to eat, dance, and celebrate under the stars.  THAT is the magic of Morocco.

This country has such a fascinating history nestled between Spain, Africa and influenced by the Middle East, it is such an eclectic place…sort of “out of place” and full of flavors, colors, textures, and people that will stay with you forever.  Come join me next year on another adventure through Morocco to see for yourself!

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