The Bolivia Bucket List!

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Bolivia was such a dream! It was also an entirely new country for me! That’s riiiiight - traveling to Bolivia makes this country number 87 for me! On my first day in Bolivia, I really fell in love with the fashion vibe while walking through the Witches’ Market on Calle Linares - it is shopping heaven! Plus Bolivia has some incredible canyon hikes to explore that begged to be photographed!

Now it has been one of my bucket list DREAMS to come to Uyuni - the largest salt flats in the world! It’s right in Bolivia, spanning 11,000 square km up at 12,000 feet elevation! The temperatures are as extreme as the landscapes, but the natural hexagon salt formations and the lighting makes everything look like you are on some alien planet!

Throughout our times traveling together, my friends and I are always exploring and packing extra outfits to do our girls' photos around the world! The Uyuni Salt Flats are like no other place I have ever been. Blinding white and crackled like the moon’s surface, it feels vast and alien. But even in this harsh environment there is water and incredible life! My friend braved the chilly temperatures and wind, laying on sharp salt crystals to get absolutely stunning photos while I scaled our tour jeep, but we got such beautiful goddess shots! It took almost two hours to cross the salt flats by jeep to get to the volcano on the other side, where we saw caves, mummies, flamingoes, llamas, ancient Pueblo ruins from the Aymara people, and just bizarre islands covered in cacti.

There are so many hidden wonders here in Bolivia and I am so so grateful to have been able to experience them all for myself and bring my lovely friends along for the ride!

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Such a big shout out to Hotel De Sal Luna Salada where we enjoyed incredible views in what felt like the coziest place in the whole country!

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Some of the shapes of mountains and islands in the middle of the Uyuni Salt Flats look like someone took a tropical view and made a vector graphic out of it in just blue hues and white..this place used to be an ancient ocean and this giant bed of salt is all that's left of this evaporated ocean from millions of years ago.

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