Give Back While Traveling

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So much of what I do is centered around womanhood, what it is to be female living in this world, and the many facets of lives that that understanding holds! Traveling leads us absolutely speechless, of course - with wonder, joy, sadness, amazement, feelings of being much of my life has been in pieces scattered throughout the world and the thing that really can ground anyone, no matter where you are or in what capacity, is to give back in one of the most impactful ways we can - through the power of education.

I believe that education covers so many facets of anyone's experience - it can literally make up our entire identity and give us power to wield more with our resources than we could without it. I use what I've learned around the world to teach, to mentor other young women, to give opportunities to women in business on a global scale, to expand others' minds in my day to day life as well my own. But for those that don't have a foundation of growing up in schools with ample resources or a history of your sex/gender having the ability to enter a school...organizations like the Women's Global Education Project become absolutely vital. The impact that a project like this has in any town is transformational for the girls, their families, and their communities. Anyone can donate or keep up with the many absolutely incredible things they do for girls around the world on their site.

I truly believe that educating girls and women is the best way to solve a lot of the world's problems and to help eradicate poverty. This group continues to help build and operate schools for young girls in villages where most never receive an education. Especially now more than ever, they need our support.  A movement begins one girl at a time!

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