Kimberly's California Goddess Shoot

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A huge Goddess Shoot is now in the books! Wow. Words feel inadequate to describe this whole shoot. Kimberly is going through a transformational time in her life where she's coming out of a divorce and she’s a mom to three kids on top of all of that. She was so ready to empower herself in her day-to-day life. She saw the shoots that I do and was like, “I want to do that kind of shoot for myself!” She lives in Houston, Texas and flew all the way over here to Los Angeles, California to have the dream glam team do a full, all-day Goddess Shoot! Cameron Cohen did hair and the most ethereal makeup that highlighted Kimberly’s already stunning face!

We shot at Butterfly Mountain, which is my friend Melissa's gorgeous property! It's 70 acres at the top of Topanga Canyon, and it's all butterfly themed. It was perfect for a Goddess Shoot with the way the light gave her a halo effect in several of these shots! Little did we know, however, that Kimberly’s spirit animal is a butterfly, and she has a deep love of the beautiful creatures, which totally makes sense she's currently going through a transformational time in her life! She was extremely excited when we arrived at Butterfly Mountain and began shooting with all of the butterfly-themed decorations!

I had her climbing trees, going through the woods, swimming in waterfalls, hiking around doing all kinds of stuff! And of course, the different gowns were incorporated to get the most sensational photos for her! It was such a fun adventure the whole day.

We ended the day at El Matador Beach, which I think is the most beautiful beach in all of Malibu! It just has these rock formations and the way that the beach curves, it was an absolutely stunning way to end the day! Of course, what is a climatic ending without a little more adventure? Those dresses were going to end up in the salty waters one way or another, and she absolutely crushed these shots in the water! This purple dress has been like the Sisterhood of the Flying Purple Dress! It's already been to four countries and in eight different photo shoots, so we're just continuing that tradition and passing that dress along through our sisterhood of total goddesses!

This was just a really fun shoot. I love doing these Goddess Shoots in particular because everyone is going through something in their life, and it's just such an empowering and beautiful way to document that time in your life.

Thank you to Kimberly for such a sensational time, I am inspired by you and how you continue to show up for yourself, your family, and your friends. You were SUCH A JOY to photograph!

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