Besties Birthday Bash in Scotland

September 26, 2023  •  Leave a Comment


Jodie and Ami, best friends and probably were best friends in past lives, were both turning 55 years old!

Ami discovered that she has Jewish-Scottish roots and discovered where some of her ancestors were by finding their records! She felt called to do something in Scotland wanted to bring all hers and Jodie’s people together in one wonderful place! They got a beautiful castle and brought everything there – they flew in Queen Cora, DJ Gallivanter, an absolutely delicious dinner, kilts, plenty of activities, and drinks! There was a lovely welcoming dinner complete with a dance party afterwards.

We played old highland games which felt like the Scottish Olympic Games and we all separated into different clans, competing against each other! Falconing was also part of our little field day, too, and these birds were just beautiful and powerful! I give so much credit to the people who work with such majestic creatures all the time! It was a really cool thing to incorporate into this whole perfectly curated weekend! The people who were invited to this event were from all over and were doing good, philanthropic work so having that common thread amongst all the guests was an amazing thing to unify us as a fun, collective bunch!

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