Sights on Yonaguni Island, Japan

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My travels have now taken me to Yonaguni Island in Japan! The island is famous for their sunken underwater ruins that look like underwater pyramids…and nobody knows who made them, or if they're even manmade! The only thing known for sure about them is that they’re around 10,000 years old and off this very remote island of Japan!

You can get around the whole island in about an hour - there's one road that goes around the perimeter, and one that cuts across! Basically nobody was there in January – this time of year is definitely not their most touristy season, except the diving is really amazing in January and February because all the migration of hammerhead sharks come through! So I've been wanting to dive around Yonaguni Island for years because I saw this video called One Breath Around the World - it's the most amazing freediving video I’ve ever seen! So I've been determined to go to every single location in that video.

My best friend, Cameron, and I did an entire adventure for diving - it took three jumper flights to get there, nobody speaks English, and there is very little cell service on the island, so using Google Translate was very limited! Pretty much a lot of what we saw on the island were wild ponies. We stayed in a little guest house above the dive store and were based there and out in the wild for the most part. This adventure was really off the beaten track and super rustic. Definitely a fun adventure!

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