Travel with Friends

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I know that sometimes we might feel like we don't always have that perfect travel companion. It can be a tough thing to find if you're not in adventurous circles. But traveling with friends can be an incredible experience that creates memories that last a lifetime. When you explore new places with your closest companions, you get to share experiences and create a bond that will last loooong after the trip is over! If you don't have friends with you at the start of your trip, I sure bet that you will by the end of it because we're just social beings in that way and there's definitely a magic to that!

One of the joys of traveling with people is the raw laughter and fun that often comes with it - enjoying each other's company, making jokes, and creating memories that will stay with you forever. It's an opportunity to step outside of your daily routines and sometimes just be absolutely SILLY with the people you care about. Plus, it can be very practical and cost-effective! By splitting the accommodations, meals, and transportation, you can see and do more while really being able to stick to a budget. It's honestly one of the best ways explore new places without breaking the bank. I would say that, for most Americans, getting outside of the country with that big ocean plane ticket is the BIGGEST expense. But from there, depending on which continent you're on, you can really hop on some cheap modes of transportation and find amazing hidden gems to rest your head at night while having your buddy right alongside ya!

I think, too, that the new perspectives on life that come with traveling with people is something that surprises me every time I'm abroad. You may learn something new about your friends, or about the culture you're visiting, that broadens your horizons and makes you grow as a person. Your friend's perspective could be drastically different from your own and that could be a totally profound moment in your journey together! It's an opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and experience the world in a new way.

Plus, one of the biggest perks of having friends along for the ride is that they provide a built-in support system. When you're exploring new places, it's great to have someone to rely on for emotional support, help with navigating unfamiliar territory, or just for someone to talk to when you're feeling homesick! With your friends by your side, you can explore the world with confidence, knowing that you have each other's backs and someone to share the world with!

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