The Little Country of Andorra

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Just crossed another country off my list! The tiny, landlocked, mountainous country of Andorra! To be honest, I had never heard much about this little country wedged in between France and Spain, so my partner and I decided to check it out since we had a couple of free days in Barcelona. Here are some fun facts about Andorra:

1. It's the only country in the world that their national language is Catalan

2. Only 24,000 people live here and only a third of them are actually Andorran.

3. 9% of the country is UNESCO heritage protected National parks

4. It is called "the Smoker's Haven" because there are no tobacco taxes and they produce a ton of their own tobacco here, so Europeans from all over come here for cheap cigarettes

5. The country is run by two "co-princes", one if which is always the President of France

6. It has the highest altitude capital in all of Europe

7. Andorra can fit into London three times

8. The entire country is nestled in the Pyrenees Mountains, so they are known for their skiing, tons of hiking, and mountain biking trails (which we tested out one to this gorgeous lake!)

Overall, Andorra is small, but has the charm of some of the most popular countries in Europe. It's definitely not one to miss!

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