The Beauty of Palos Verdes

August 22, 2023  •  Leave a Comment


Palos Verdes never fails to show its best! Just took these while I was photographing a wedding and I really love the luminosity of everything. Hoping everyone with me in CA is okay after all of this crazy weather (and an earthquake!) that we had this weekend! I'm such a fan of the water, I always need to be near it in some way and getting paid to do what I love AND be near what I love...I'm filled with so much gratitude! Places like this remind me of what little slices of paradise truly are. Palos Verdes is no exception to that. While on a shoot, I got to explore a little bit more of the region, taking us to a resort, the cliffs with gorgeous ocean views, and the absolutely gorgeous gift from South Korea, the Korean Bell of Friendship! Definitely an inspiring place to visit if you're ever in the Palos Verdes region - I always have such a lovely time!

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