The Majestic Jackson Hole

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Grand Teton National Park is such an exquisite slice of land! We’re so lucky to have such an incredible park in our country, and the last time I was here, it was with my father before he passed away. So it was a trip for the books coming back! We celebrated my friend Lara’s birthday with her sweet little baby and a group of our friends! We were hosted by our friend Sabrina, who was super generous to have us at her beautiful house just butting up against the national park! You could see all kinds of wildlife from her backyard and there was an infinity pool that overlooked all the parklands! Sabrina even had a chef come in one day to prepare meals and cocktails for us in the dining room and it was such a treat!

I went to my first rodeo, too, so now I can actually say “this isn't my first rodeo” the next time I go to one! And the whole trip was just one activity after another: going whitewater rafting, trekking nice, long hikes, doing an early morning sunrise tour of the Grand Teton Park, our group taking over this little this cowboy dive bar, creating our own dance party, decking out in retro costumes…so much! We just had a really fun wholesome time and I’m incredible grateful for the company and for the fresh, wild air!

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